Play time is over, over, I got no time to play no games wit you. No more playin games, no more arguin, askin me when I’m gonna leave. Such a waste of time, there’s no need to fight. When we could spend that time laughing out loud, cause we got no more time for arguin’….

Justin Bieber- Playtime Is Over (via gameofthots)

Time for bed…and I know that I can turn you on, gaspin for air until the early morn…and I don’t know if you’re on the shit I’m on, but I swear that you’ll be comin back askin me for more, when I take your breath away….

Khalil ft Justin Bieber- Time For Bed (via gameofthots)

Anonymous asked:

eleonora, sorry but many do not understand what is happening in jelena and you are our means to learn from them, do not understand what happened to yovanna, photo selena because they say to selena shading alfredo, which was the comment of alfredo , selena did this to mock yovanna? if you could you sum it all up, and I'll thank you to answer me, all this the only thing that is sad if fredo is selena shading means that something happens that is not in support jelena.



  • selena followed yovanna
  • yovanna followed selena
  • justin posted a pic of selena
  • justin deleted the pic after 40 seconds
  • selena unfollowed yovanna
  • yovanna unfollowed selena
  • justin reposted the same pic
  • chantel commented “nice lip liner :)”
  • ashley moore commented “at first i thought it was yovanna”
  • fredo posted a shade on his twitter
  • selena posted the same pic justin posted like nothing happened

and this is what you missed on jelena drama in less than a hour or 2?!

the notes omg THANK YOU LOVES <3